A lot of people have negative ideas about getting a payday loan from a direct lender. This type of loan is a quick loan, often for a small amount, with a short repayment period. The name comes from the fact the money is often used to tie people over until payday. Some people might not like the idea of them, but there are times when the best payday loans are a good idea. Here are 5 cases where payday loans make financial sense.

  1. Repairing your Car

Repairing a car is one of those situations where a stitch in time really does save nine. Small maintenance jobs are often quite cheap, but full repairs can be very costly. When you are in urgent need of some cash to fix something small, it makes a lot of financial sense to consult online payday loan lenders. If you don’t take out a payday loan to fix that small problem, you could end up spending a lot more later, when the issues take a more serious turn.

  1. When you Need Money Quickly

The best payday loans are often approved in hours. The money could be in your account within 24 hours, which is great when you find that you really need money quickly. It can take a long time to get your hands on a traditional loan, which is no good in the case of an emergency. When you need money fast, you need a payday loan.

  1. When you Don’t Need a Lot of Money

One of the reasons people turn to online payday loan lenders is because they only need a small amount of money. If you need a few thousand pounds, you might contemplate going to a bank, but if you only need a few hundred dollars – or less – then a direct lender is the way to go. There’s no need to borrow more money than you need and find yourself shackled to a larger loan you never asked for.

  1. When you have a Poor Credit Rating

There are times when you know you can pay back the loan, but your credit rating suggests you cannot. It is then that payday loans are a good financial choice. Many direct lenders will offer you money based on your ability to repay the loan. As long as you have a steady job, with a steady paycheck, it doesn’t matter what your credit rating is.

  1. When Paying a Utilities Bill

It can sometimes be expensive to pay your utility bill, but do you know what’s more expensive? Not paying them. Your electricity and water supply will be cut off and it can cost a lot of money to have them reinstated. Taking a payday loan makes a lot of financial sense when it comes to paying your bills and avoiding a larger cost down the line.

As long as you are smart enough to properly utilise your payday loan, you don’t have anything to worry about. Just make sure to only borrow what you need, and never borrow more than you can afford to repay.