The techniques of Marketing in Social Networks and online marketing are useful and effective tools to position a business. It allows direct connection with potential customers and better communication with loyal customers. In this article we show the pros and cons of marketing on social networks vs online marketing, so you can evaluate each of them.

Social networks

They are used as a marketing tool to create, drive and maintain a conversation about a product or service. The benefits of marketing on social networks are the result of messages with valuable content to keep connected to the audience.

Social networks like; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest, is not only a trend to relate, but also serves the business world as a support for promotion and publicity to publicize their products and services, as well as to interact with their audience.


    • *Economic.
    • Increase traffic on the website.
    • Positioning of the product or service on the internet.
    • Achieve that the client identifies with the product.
    • Credibility and a better reputation for your product.
    • Messages seen by millions of people in a short time.
    • Get new customer prospects.
    • Monitor trends.
    • Capture new possibilities to do business.
    • Know the needs of users.
    • Evaluate opinions of your product in real time.
    • Get positive references of contacts.


      • It requires time and dedication.
      • Malicious comments in order to damage the company.
      • Risks of fraud and usurpation.
      • Does not define the public or the private.
      • Important information of the company in the knowledge of third parties.
      • Risks of undermining campaigns by third parties.
      • Lack of security when interacting with anonymous users.

Marketing online

It is the marketing of services and products through the internet.

It is associated with several business models: e-commerce, the publication of advertisements, websites with direct sales and affiliate marketing.

        • Generates traffic
        • Increase clients
        • Improves the image of the business and the product.
        • Use available resources on the internet

Advantages of digital marketing

          • It’s economic. It covers a large amount of target audience.
          • It is the preferred means for users to consult about a product before buying.
          • Marketing uses users in digital marketing to generate immediate results.
          • The degree of effectiveness of the marketing strategy is measured by the cost-volume-benefit analysis, according to the company’s objectives.
          • Ease and economy to measure statistics. They are campaigns that can be measured, tracked and tested.
          • Advertisers use different methods to reach more audience, such as; pay for each click, pay to play or pay for each of the actions performed.
          • You can track and measure the results of campaigns immediately, through the registration of user actions.

The most outstanding features that generate the greatest benefits in marketing, whether social networks or online marketing, is the possibility of interacting with your audience. Traditional marketing methods do not allow this interaction. Now the audience is more participatory and can, in one click, visit, buy, rate and provide feedback.