Every business wants a successful Instagram, but it can be difficult to know where to start. As we know social media can provide a great return on the marketing efforts we put in, we also know we’re going against such a wide range of competitors, with drastically different budgets and teams. However, fear not, because while attacking social might seem intimidating, by providing yourself with the right tools, you’ll be in a much more effective and prosperous position to take your Instagram beyond what everyone else is doing. That’s why we’re providing a few helpful tools you should check out below:

Social Steeze

Social Steeze enables you to buy real Instagram followers for your account, which can be tremendously helpful in building a following. Besides the basics of obviously growing your audience count, having genuine followers gives you a leg up over the competition in a few different ways:

First, your follower count to engagement rate will remain intact. Second, you won’t have to deal with bots or spam accounts that give your page a ‘fake’ appearance, tarnishing your brand and credibility. And finally, you’ll be able to curate your audience to a T, giving you the best chance of targeting a solid demographic; for example, as noted by Pew Research, 71 percent of 18 to 24-year-olds are on Instagram, which using SocialSteeze can help me reach an audience that’s reflective of them.

No matter if you’re currently just starting out your account or have a few thousand followers (but want more), SocialSteeze is a great solution to check out to give yourself more followers without it appearing like you’re cheating. All-in-all, they’re one of the best at helping you get over one of Instagram’s biggest challenges.


As we all have had a post or two that we felt like deserved a little extra love, Likesocial is a perfect solution for just that. No matter if you’re putting out a video that you worked hard on or want some extra attention to an item you’re trying to sell, adding more likes to that particular post could be what you need. According to Hootsuite, users like over 4.2 posts every day, which while that number seems low, you’d be surprised how much that can add up to (think about how many posts you like from the “Discover” page).

For how often we find ourselves wanting an extra boost for a post, going with Likesocial can be a good call to further increase the engagement on your posts. Give it a shot for one of your next marketing campaigns, as that increase in likes could break the floodwall to a significant amount of extra followers.


If you’ve ever wanted to get organized with your posts, then Buffer is the perfect tool for that. Not only does it equip with the tools you need to schedule out your posts, but additionally does a pretty good job of keeping track of engagement in what worked or what didn’t. Which, according to Sprout Social, as 7 out of 10 hashtags are branded, this is the perfect platform to run A/B tests on when and what should be included in the details of your posts.


As Instagram is becoming tremendously more sophisticated with their options for posting, videos have become one of the most prominent mediums for content. As noted by SmartInsights, 25 percent of Instagram ads are single videos, showing how often its used not just for posting, but ads as well. And if you’re looking for the best ROI on your video work, then having a video editing software like Premiere is going to be one of your best options.

Premiere isn’t something you’re going to tackle overnight, with its intricacies providing one of the best, but complex tools to edit videos. For this, it might be wise to look up some tutorials or online lessons to get a grasp on not only how to edit, but do so specifically for Instagram as well. If you’re serious about getting the best return on your video work (and in return, more likes) then getting acclimated with Premiere is a must.


Finally, as we’re constantly looking to improve the performance of our Instagram posts, using software like Ink361 can give us some killer insights. After all, while we have metrics to define what a successful post is, we also need a certain sense of consideration on how to get more engagement. For example, according to Omnicore Agency, posts with one hashtag get 12.6 percent more engagement, which using something like Ink361 can give us the specific insights as to what hashtags are correlating with the most success. And if you’re looking to up your performance, holding benchmarks and superseding them is imperative to surpass your competition.

What are some tools you’ve used to improve the performance of your Instagram marketing efforts? Comment with your insights below!