In a world where the best postpaid plans are yours for the asking, why be stuck with one that doesn’t offer you the maximum value for your money? Airtel postpaid is the answer.

If you’ve been a postpaid phone customer for a while now, you know the problems associated with it. Poor network connectivity results in your calls and chats not getting through. Slow data speeds ruin your movie watching experience. And poor customer service irritates you because as a paying customer, you deserve to get immediate attention for your problems.

So why not take up an MNP offer from a leading postpaid provider like Airtel? Here’s what you look for when you buy a postpaid plan from them:

* Easy MNP. MNP (Mobile Number Portability) is necessary in the current times, when inept mobile service providers are unable to provide the best range of services to their customers. You can port from your current provider to a leading one like Airtel, which not only has a really easy porting process but the best MNP offers for all customers switching to their network. See the MNP offers and four basic steps to switch to Airtel postpaid in the illustration below:

You can check the current MNP offers from Airtel for your city of residence and initiate the process online.

* A range of plans for your city. Not only should the postpaid mobile provider have a range of best MNP offers for you to consider, but they should also have the widest variety of plans at different prices. To quote the example of Airtel once again, the provider has five wonderful plans priced from Rs 399 to Rs 1,199. Each has a superb set of benefits, such as shown in the illustration below:

* Unmatched benefits. Take a look at the illustration above – no other postpaid provider offers so many unique benefits as Airtel does. Apart from unlimited calling (local, STD and incoming roaming calls), you get data rollover per month, free add-on connections for family members (on three of the five plans) and access to Wynk Music, Mobile Handset Protection and Airtel TV. Plus, you get a one-year free Amazon Prime subscription (except on the Rs 399 plan). What is more, each plan is backed by the Airtel promise of seamless network connectivity and superior customer support. So why have you not switched to Airtel yet?

* The fastest speeds. The best postpaid plans are defined by the data transmission speeds they provide. If your current connection provides patchy network and slow download speeds – you spend all your time buffering videos and reconnecting dropped calls! – then it’s time to switch to Airtel. Airtel is a recurring winner of the Ookla Speed Test for mobile networks in the country, and it provides lightning fast speeds that you’ve been looking for.

* High data per plan. Apart from great MNP offers, add-on benefits and fast speeds, the best postpaid plans offer a humongous amount of data per month. When you have a lot of data at your disposal, you don’t need to worry about watching only a limited amount of content on your phone, or having to top up the data because your pack ran out. When you have a lot of data to consume, you can just go ahead and consume it without worrying about how much you will use up. This means watching as many videos and films as you want, downloading apps and other software, plugging on music when you’re relaxing or working out, sending heavy files on the fly, and browsing endlessly. Leading providers like Airtel also offer data rollover per month – that’s more data for you to consume!