We present simple tips on buying your first prepaid phone connection.

Getting your hands on your first mobile phone is an exciting development in your life. You suddenly find that your life is much more mobile than it used to be. Your phone doubles up as your personal assistant, banker, shopper and companion. But now that you have a phone, you must also buy your first prepaid pack.

* Choose your mobile service provider well.

The first phone handset and SIM are always special to every phone user. After wondering what it would be like to use a smartphone, you finally got one for yourself. Now that you are acquainting yourself with it, the phone’s features must be matched with an excellent first prepaid pack as well.

It is important to choose the right connection and mobile service provider for your first prepaid pack. The wrong pack and provider can completely mar your user experience. We recommend opting for a leading provider like Airtel. Not only does Airtel have a wide range of prepaid packs, it also has superior customer service. So you are guided every step of the way when you inquire about the most suitable first prepaid packsfor your phone as per your usage and requirement.

* Choose your first prepaid pack well.

Your first prepaid pack is most precious to you. It activates your phone, connects you to your family and friends, and opens a whole new world of possibilities for you. From this point on, nothing is ever the same again. You can be engrossed in your phone for hours on end, as you chat with friends, call your contacts, watch or download movies, play multiplayer games, or even look for new information. Your phone – and your first prepaid pack – connect you to the world in many ways and enrich your knowledge of it.

However, your prepaid pack must be up to the task of keeping you connected all the time and providing you with constant super-fast speeds. Not only should your first prepaid pack be reasonably priced, but it must also provide you with sufficient data, fast speeds and other add-on benefits. Ideally, there should be little to differentiate it from a postpaid connection.

Consider one of Airtel’s best prepaid packs: it is priced only at Rs 495, and it contains a host of features. It has validity for 84 days, and a daily data limit of 1.4 GB. Besides, you get unlimited local, STD and roaming (both incoming and outgoing) calls, plus 100 SMSs free per day. So just one prepaid connection can get you unlimited connectivity to surf all day if you wish to!

Other first prepaid packs to choose from include the Rs 229 pack (validity of 28 days) and Rs 559 (validity of 90 days). Currently, Airtel has the best range of prepaid packs that are easy to buy and recharge as well.

Head to your nearest Airtel store to buy your first prepaid pack – enjoy your phone!