It is an indisputable fact that we all have all heard of fire protection services. Off-shore oil platforms, oil pumping stations, refineries, gasoline, storage tanks, represent the significant fire hazards, which are often complicated in harsh environments and remote location.

Some of the most common preventive and escape provisions in fire protection services are:

1) Extinguishers: Not many people know how to use them, but are present everywhere, even on buses.

2) Fire Alarms: There are fire alarms everywhere now. The minute there is a fire, someone can trigger it or it automatically triggers and send a note to everyone to evacuate.

3) Sprinklers: Most buildings are set up with smoke detectors. This will automatically enable the sprinklers to get to work. They will start with pouring out water till something further is done.

4) Guidelines: Most official buildings have neon arrows pointing to the nearest exit in the dark to help easy evacuation.

5) Emergency Exits: There is always a few glass doors or windows that will help get out of the fire zone as swiftly as possible. Some might have a tool nearby so you can break the glass and get out.

These are the most common ways to protect ourselves from the fire. But the only prevention we know is ‘don’t play with fire.’

What we did not know, is the existence of a branch in engineering that was called ‘Fire Protection Engineering’. Now, these engineers work on applying basic science to prevent large and dangerous fire-related disasters.

The installation of firewalls, fire rated floor assemblies, certain ways to limit the spread of fire, etc are some of the brilliant ideas of these engineers! There are local building codes and fire codes that are to be followed when construction.

These things are certain services provided by people who are trained to handle fires. They know how to handle huge fires and also prevent them. Big industries might need a plan to store flammable materials. Everything can be agreed on through these services.

Now let us go through some of our fire protection companies based in Bangalore, Karnataka.

1) Safex Fire Services Ltd.: They stand among the top three companies in the country manufacturing and marketing fire safety products. All their products bear the stamp of ISI Mark, MMD Approval and EN3 approved fire extinguishers.

2) Breakthru Solutions: They are fire fighting consultants. They sell electronic security systems like fire alarms.

3) Varistor Technologies Pvt. Ltd.: Fire safety solution providers. Fire hydrant, system design, technical support, etc.

4) Fire Active Safety Services Pvt. Ltd.: They deal with mostly alarms like burglar alarms and fire alarms. They also help fix extinguishers.

5) Pro Delta Fire Safety Systems Pvt. Ltd.: Leading fire protection service providers. They manufacture, export and market DELTA brand fire-fighting equipment to global clients.

These are some of the quite known fire protection services that are located in Bangalore to help us prevent as well as cure fire caused damages.

These aren’t the only things important. We should also get to know about the various ways a fire can be put out for immediate aid. Like, small fires can be put out by putting sand over them or using a lot of water. But the use of water for large fires will only fuel the fire due to their oxygen content. If someone is on fire, like literally, then make them roll on the floor or spread a large and think blanket so as to reduce the supply of oxygen to the fire.

These are some important points to be noted. But many companies provide basic fire and safety training to employees at the premises so they know the drill even if they are in shock or surprise. The mock drills will help you act without thinking or make your run during a fire a reflex action.

Many more initiatives are being taken to improve safety during large fires. Hopefully, the general technological development will help improve the services we look for when it comes to fire safety services.

Although science defines fire as rapid oxidation of material during an exothermic reaction called combustion, fires have proved to be the best discovery by the human race. The most helpful and dangerous. Some people believe that they teach that nature has enough control over itself. That it can be the best way to provide warmth to keep you alive and the worst nightmare that can kill you!