If you have gold rings, coins or necklaces that you aren’t using, you could be inadvertently sitting on a heap of wealth. Not only does selling gold give you money but is also an excellent way of de-cluttering your home. Here are a couple of tips you should know.

  1. Clean your gold jewellery and sell it on Ebay

A quick and smart way of making your gold jewellery appear more attractive to prospective buyers is restoring its lustrous shine. Cleaning all-gold jewellery just entails dipping your ring or necklace into a bowl containing lukewarm water and soap. After that, clean it with a soft toothbrush. This is recommended for smaller light intricate jewellery. Due to the high manufacturing cost, it will hold its value above gold price.

  1. Understand different scales

It’s imperative to know how Brisbane gold buyers measure jewellery. Majority of jewellers use a measurement scale called the Troy ounce. Other dealers even measure the gold in pennyweight. Whichever method they use, ensure they measure and pay you based on the same scale. Some unscrupulous dealers try to measure the gold in pennyweight and then pay you by the gram.

  1. Sell to a trusted dealer

Just as you would buy from a reputable jeweller, you should also sell only to reputable gold buyers. Reputable Gold Buyers offer you fair market price for your gold. Besides, they are also honest and open throughout the process of transaction. You should check Google reviews online before visiting your desired gold buyer.

  1. Shop around

Different gold buyers offer different terms. The best way to get most cash from your gold is to visit more than just one broker. Most of the time, just letting your buyer know you have shopped around gets you a higher offer. Also do some research to see what other dealers are offering per gram of gold. This information is readily available on the dealer’s website.

  1. Know how much your gold is worth

There are many ways of knowing the basic range that your gold is worth. Whether you check it online or call a jeweller, knowing the value of your gold can help assist you in getting a higher price. This can be done by checking the gram price on a gold buyers website, separating your gold items into carats and weighing them on a scale at home

  1. Haggle, haggle, and haggle

Sometimes, you can get more money for your gold by simply posing a simple question: “Can you offer better than that please?” Therefore, ensure that you ask. There are times when a gold buyer will even make calls to their seniors to get approval for the price increase. There is no harm in trying. Don’t settle for the first offer.

  1. Set your asking price based on the market value

A major mistaken belief about selling gold is that people expect to get an amount that is close to what they paid at the time of buying the gold. The reality is you only get what’s called the “melt” value for your jewellery items. This is calculated by the spot price and what the gold buyer can get for your jewellery when they refine it. The additional costs above the “melt” value are jeweller’s expenses and profits.


Selling gold in Brisbane doesn’t have to be difficult. To get the most for your gold, make sure that you visit more than one gold buyer, understand the weights and measurements and sell gold Brisbane to a trusted dealer.