How many of you buy a travel insurance plan when you plan a trip? Not many, I suppose. Though a travel insurance plan is a very important requirement when you travel, it is, conveniently, overlooked. The reason for such oversight is simple. Many people consider a travel insurance plan to be expensive and a waste of money. Is their notion correct?
Sadly, it is not. A travel insurance plan is not expensive. Furthermore, if you know how, you can also find the best travel insurance quotes. Do you know how? No?

Here are some simple ways to find the best travel insurance quotes –

• Choose the Sum Insured based on your destination

The most important benefit of a travel insurance plan is coverage for medical costs. In case of any medical contingency faced when you are travelling, a travel insurance plan would cover your cost of medical treatments. The extent of medical coverage is usually represented by the Sum Insured on the policy. As medical costs are different in different countries, choose your Sum Insured based on your travel destination. For instance, if you are travelling to the USA, your Sum Insured should be optimal. But, if you are travelling to Thailand, you could do with a smaller Sum Insured too. Since the premium depends on your Sum Insured, choosing the correct amount would allow you to find the best quotes and help you pay your bills in case of any contingency.
• Check the coverage features of the plan

Though the basic coverage features provided by most travel insurance plans are universal, some plans provide additional features which are unique and make them comprehensive. When selecting a travel insurance plan, look for the coverage options. Cut the frills and go basic. Travel insurance premiums depend on the coverage feature too. Depending on your need, you can either add or remove any features. For instance, if you are going for a two-day business conference, you might be confined to your hotel and you might not need personal liability coverage. However, if you have planned for a week long vacation and would be travelling to different places personal liability coverage would be mandatory. So, choose a plan, which has the required basic coverage features and you can get the best premium quotes.

• Compare before you buy

There are innumerable travel insurance plans offered by multiple general insurance companies in India. Each plan boasts of different coverage options and is priced differently. When you set out to buy a travel insurance plan you should always compare between the different plans available before settling on one. This comparison would allow you to select the required coverage as per your travelling requirements. By choosing the required coverage, you can get the best travel insurance quote.
• Go online

In the last point, I asked you to compare. But, how can you compare? Should you visit the branches of different general insurance companies and look at their travel insurance plans? Or, should you search for agents of different travel insurance companies and understand the plans available? The answer is simple. You can go online, visit an insurance broker and compare between the available plans. The online medium is easily accessible and lets you find and compare the different travel insurance plans. After an online comparison,

you can calculate the potential premium rate and also buy the plan online without any hassles.
Coverfox is one such online marketplace where you can find the best travel insurance quotes. There are many travel insurance plans available at You can visit our website, key in your requirements and the different plans would be listed. You can then compare between these plans and choose a plan with the desired coverage and the best quote.

Wasn’t finding the best travel insurance quotes easy? Well, it is if you know how. Go online, search for different travel insurance plans, choose a Sum Insured wisely depending on your travel location and look for coverage features which are required. Follow these simple tricks and you can get the best travel insurance quotes. In fact, by following these tricks you can also find that travel insurance is not an expensive affair. So, lay your pre-conceived notions to rest and buy a travel insurance policy, today.