What do people do with their engagement or wedding rings when things don’t work out. In the movies, you see people give in to their emotions and do things like flushing rings down the toilet or flinging them in the ocean. Yes, maybe he cheated on you or did something despicable that broke your heart, but do you have to flush an expensive ring down the ring? No. Obviously the ring might be a painful reminder but there are better ways of venting your anger or moving on than deliberately throwing away jewellery worth a couple of thousands? Sell the ring. Even the famous doyen of etiquette and social graces, Amy Osborne Vanderbilt believed on repurposing your engagement ring rather than throwing it away. Take the emotions out of it and think of the money you can get for the gold and the jewels. Mrs Vanderbilt would know a lot about the subject, she was after all divorced three times.

  1. Repurpose it

You can repurpose the ring by turning it into something else. A jeweller can have the metal melted down and made into a pendant, a necklace or something else.

  1. Save it for the kids

You can keep the ring for the kids if you have any. The ring can be passed on to your children who might want to use it later on in life or even sell it for cash when they need to.

  1. Donate it

Your ring might be a painful reminder of your failed relationship, so if you absolutely loathe the thing then instead of throwing it away, why not donate it. There are charitable organisations that really need the money and will be able to do something gods with it. You will be turning a negative into something positive. You can also give it away to a new couple who might not be able to afford a ring just yet. Weddings are expensive but you can help a young couple out by giving them your ring. After all, your ring had nothing to do with your breakup. There is probably a great story behind it, see the positive and hope that some newlyweds might be able to get that same positivity from your ring.

  1. Trade it for cash

Divorce costs money and sometimes a broken relationship can have financial repercussions. Instead of throwing away all that gold get cash for gold brisbane by selling the ring to a pawnbroker, on

eBay or sell it to a local gold buyer. Choose someone who will give you a fair price for the gold and for the gems.

As you move into your new life, it is understandable that you would want to forget that bad past and leave it all behind. Don’t give in to the anger and take irrational decisions like throwing away a ring that is worth thousands of dollars. Sell your ring to a reputable cash for gold Brisbane company and get money to do something special like treat yourself to a nice holiday or buy those expensive pair of shoes you’ve had your eyes on. Retail therapy helps, but you need the cash for it and one way of getting it is to sell your gold engagement or wedding ring to a gold buyer. Eventually you will get over the anger and begin to heal.