Lead generation is and will always remain a hot topic as it’s the lifeblood of all the businesses and the most important element for lead generation is a strong and valid contact details. Without contact details, it’s almost impossible to find prospects and hence the lead.

We have been a lot through lead generation via email marketing, content marketing, SEO, social media, etc. But some thing that is common among all these is contact and audience. The purpose of all these marketing is also similar – driving traffic to the website, brand awareness, lead generation and eventually increased ROI or revenue growth of the company.

Chrome Extensions

What we actually know about Google Chrome Extension is that it’s just a browser extension that modifies the browser and its functionality and customizes the browsing experience.

What else? The program is built on web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Also, the program is customized, new features are added or the existing functions are modified according to the convenience of the user.

Some of the functionality includes- adding notes or to do list to chrome, blocking ads or pop-ups from being displayed, password management etc. However, chrome extension is not just limited to such functions but it offers a wide range of additional functions so that users can perform their task well and get more out of the website.

Apart from all these, Chrome extensions do help in generating leads for the company.

Yes! Chrome extension helps in the lead generation process as well as offers affordable solutions to marketers.

It’s no doubt that lead generation is a daunting task but there are some lead management platforms that ease up the process, the management and reduce the cost of investment as well.

In this section we will discuss some of the chrome extensions (some of them being absolutely free to use) that are of great use in finding contacts, capturing data, lead generation, lead sourcing etc.

Chrome Extensions for Lead Generation

Email Hunter

Email Hunter is absolutely free and easy-to-use software. It’s Hunter’s Chrome Extension can be used to find the email addresses of any leads/prospects or any professionals within a jerk of time. You are allowed to save your lead wherever you want. Everytime you save your lead, it gets saved in your favourite app too. It crawls through various websites like LinkedIn profiles and other search pages to withdraw the email addresses of the professionals.

Email Hunter requires first, last and domain name of the company to generate email IDs. Just sign-up and get 100 free searches/month. If you are contented with the use of software, then you can switch to its upgraded plans starting from $39/month to $319/month, details of which can be found here.

Also, the software has put no limit on the number of leads you can save. The limit applies only to the number of email address searches.

Used by 800,000+ professionals, it’s chosen by smartest companies like Google, IBM, Microsoft, Shopify, Adobe, Invision etc.

Clearbit Connect

If you visit the website, the very first sentence reads- “Find any email in under five seconds”. It’s a program that helps you find any business email addresses within few seconds. Most importantly, it’s user-friendly.

With 150,000 users, it’s powering the world’s most advanced companies like Asana, Intercom, Uber, LinkedIn, Outreach, Segment, Optimizely etc.

You can protect your website from spam and abuse by making your registration process secure that can be done with Clearbit proprietary dataset of people, companies, and IP addresses.

Enter an email or domain, Enrichment will transform each of them into a complete person or company profile. It will enrich your customer understanding and will give your team the context necessary to take actions.

You can learn the complete detail of the email sender who sent you an email. All their social handles, company role, company size and funding, etc can be found without even opening a new tab.

The pricing depends on the kind of solution chosen by you. If you’re looking to find person and company data using emails and domains, you should choose Enrichment, if you need to find companies and contacts, go for Prospector etc.


Whether you want to place a phone call directly from the website or want to create meetings using Google calendar, everything can be possible with the help of Fuze for Chrome extension.

Along with lead management, LeadFuze also focuses on email campaigns, real-time reporting etc.

The extension let you capture data from Google search and LinkedIn. Even if you want, you can get a list of leads with their email IDs from LinkedIn company pages and set automated emails.

Companies like AP, AstraZeneca, CareerBuilder, Groupon, Kronos etc. are in the favour of LeadFuze.

The extension is absolutely free to use. Upgradation requires a plan that starts at $150 per month.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM chrome extension speeds up your sales and marketing while browsing the web. It lets you capture lead data by pulling contacts into CRM from external web pages and social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

You can also update missing information from existing Agile CRM contacts.

Other features include emailing, task viewing, contact search, multichannel campaigns and more.

You can now utilize email tracking and notification features. CRM allows you to customize your notification preferences so that you can get real-time alerts about your contact’s web activity, email opens, link clicks etc.

While browsing, you can also keep a track of upcoming tasks. The Chrome extension will pull tasks from Agile CRM account in real time, complete with tasks types, priority flags and due dates.

It is completely free. If you want to upgrade, the plan starts at $8.99/month. For more details, you can click here.

DiscoverOrg Sales Intelligence

A great all-in-one platform for recruiting, for sales and for marketing. The tool helps to boost the process of lead generation, improve the health of your database, and execute Account-Based Marketing at scale.

DiscoverOrg Google Chrome Extension allows you an instant access to ingress accurate company and contact details and actionable buying intelligence for leads and accounts on a LinkedIn or Twitter profile, a company website, any webpage with a domain or contact name.

Here’s what DiscoverOrg has to say-

It’s leading sales and marketing intelligence solution is used by companies like Riskiq, IBM, Lumeta, Paxata, Lenovo and more.

Recently it has published a new ebook to help users create and devise a marketing plan for 2018 so that you can deliver leads or better say quality leads.

It also provides free accurate data on your target accounts. The updation of every record is done at least every 60 days that enables them to guarantee 95% accuracy across their contact records. It’s completely free to use, however upgradation requires some amount. For more queries you can directly contact them through their website. Click here.


Although above-mentioned Chrome extensions are doing great for the purpose they are designed for. I can’t guarantee which will work best for you. Since each and every business has its own terms and conditions and purpose of use differs, so you can better look and choose what works best for you in terms of lead generation.

The tools above are absolutely free to use. If you’re using any free Chrome extension for lead generation, do let us know.